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Cygnus Workshops

Cygnus Storytelling designs and facillitates workshops for all types of groups. Workshops are customized to address the needs of the group and location of the workshop.

Every Family Has a Story

Learn how to make storytelling a part of your family tradition. Explore ways to share your family stories. Through activities and games gain useful tools to help make storytelling part of your family fun.

Media Wise Kids

Both adult and family workshops available on ways to create media wise children and the impacts of media on youth. These workshops are led by certified MediaWise® trainers and are part of a program created by the National Institute for Media and the Family.

The average American school aged child spends more time in front of an electronic screen than anything else in their waking lives. We will discuss the effect of this media saturation on their health and school performance and examine ways we can help our children have a healthy media diet.

The Media Wise program ( is based on the following models of change:

  • Awareness - becoming aware of the power of media is the first step.
  • Understanding - understanding how it applies to us and our children.
  • Options – learning what our options are to bring about change.
  • Plan - developing an action plan to help us get started, stay on track and gauge our progress

Storytelling in Emergent Literacy

Through lecture, activities and modeling participants are able to see how storytelling can be an important teaching tool, supporting and encouraging literacy for the students they teach.

Storytelling 101 - The Basics

Finding Your Personal Story

Earth Walk

Discovering the Story in the Natural World Around Us

Art as a Story Starter

Wait Till You Hear This

A Storytelling Performance

"In the workshop that Cygnus Storytellers presented, I learned that there are many different ways to tell a story. I also discovered the impact telling stories has on children's lives." High School Student, Calhoun Area Technical Center, Battle Creek, MI