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Cygnus Residencies

Cygnus Storytelling residencies include dynamic performances followed by in-depth instructional contact with individual classrooms or groups. Your group will benefit from the performers’ combined forty years of storytelling experience.

A storytelling performance is part of each residency. The performance may take place at the beginning or conclusion of the residency. The schedule is discussed and placed where it best fits the lesson plan. A student performance may also be a part of the residency plan. Residencies include:

Discovering the Storyteller Within

Learn the basics of storytelling. Discover what is needed to create a good story and tell it. Characterization, voice, story structure and performance skills are explored.


Storytelling is used as a starting place for story creation and creative writing. Oral editing skills will be learned. The residency is customized toward the type of story writing needed.

Building Character

The basic components of story are explored. Through a series of exercises personal stories are developed and shared.


"I was impressed by the way they took the time to develop and retell the story the first graders wrote about 'How the Beaver Got Its Flat Scaley Tail.' They did a fabulous job. It was a wonderful treat for my students to see and hear their hard work put together like this!” – Tammy Nemetz, Second Grade Teacher