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Cygnus Performances

Performances engage imaginations, enlist participation and provide a unique storytelling experience for a variety of listening and learning styles.

Stories Alive

A lively blend of familiar and not so familiar tales collected from literature, the folk and fairytale tradition as well as the oral tradition. Throw in an original story or two and you have a program that lives and breathes right in front of you.

Around The World

Travel around the world through stories and your imagination. Programs blend stories from some of the many continents of our world.

More Alike Than Different

Conflict resolution, positive self esteem, and diversity are explored through stories. Through stories people of all ages can discover common truths, wisdom and learn that we are all more alike than different.

Fin, Fur and Feathers

Animal antics, aquatic adventures and aviarian flights of fantasy lead the way into our natural world. Through the stories told lessons will unfold and facts and information will be shared in a way that is fun for young and old.

Customized Programs

Let us know if you have a theme or program you would like to see and we will customize a performance to fit the needs of your group.

“The Cynus Storytellers are amazing! The students hung on every word the storytellers said and wanted more! I was very impressed with the performers and how they were able to hold the attention of the students! The assembly was held in the fall and my students and staff are still drawing from the experience for other areas!”
– J. Stebbins, Principal, Star School, Hastings, MI